Armed Robbers attacked Bridget Otoo

Accra-based Metro TV presenter Bridget Otooo has announced that she has been robbed for the second time in her shop.

Armed Robbers attacked Bridget Otoo

Ghanaian broadcast journalist and entrepreneur Bridget Otoo is sober as armed robbers attack her shop.

Bridget took to her official Twitter page to announce the incident pointing out that her shop has been targeted again.

According to her, armed men entered her shop, pulled a gun on the attendants, and took their phones because they got no cash.

She wrote, “Today too, armed robbers have come to my shop to pull a gun on two of my shop attendants. They didn’t get any cash; they took their phones away. Hmmmmm.”

This is the second time her shop has been ransacked by armed robbers.

Recall that in September 2021, Bridget, who works with Accra-based Metro TV and has a cement outlet revealed that she was robbed in broad daylight.

Her post caught the attention of the Ghana Police who she revealed responded swiftly and provided her with the support she needed at the time.

However, in her subsequent revelation today while sharing the news of the new attack, Ms. Otoo may have insinuated that nothing was done about the culprits the last time she reported to the Police.

“You would go to the police and report another robbery and nothing happens.”

The media personality, known for sharing her views regardless of the opposition, advised Ghanaians to be cautious about what they invested their money in weeks ago.

She pointed out that the public should not follow individual Twitter accounts which have been paid to promote questionable companies.