15% increase in transport fares remains unchanged despite public outcry–IDRTU

15% increase in transport fares remains unchanged despite public outcry–IDRTU
Members of the International Drivers and Road Transport Union (IDRTU) of Trade Union Congress (TUC) have stated yhat the 15 per cent increment on transport fares still goes on in the country.
This new adjustment has been met with several complaints from the public who are already aggrieved over the economic hardship in the country.
But in a statement issued by the leadership of IDRTU in the persons of Patrick Klay, Alex Kofi Sarpong and Asonaba Nana Wiredu and copied to Soiteenews.com on Wednesday July 6, 2022,  the IDRTU noted that despite the public outcry over the adjustment, their decision remains the same, adding that the 15 percent increase in transport fares will not change.
According to the transport business operators, the constant increase in prices of fuel over the period is having some significant effects on their transport business, hence they decided  maintain the 15 per cent increment in the fares.
"We have shielded our passengers from paying more,but unfortunately we've reached our maximum and can't bear it anymore.
"After several meetings with our national executives committee and other stakeholders,we have drew the curtains at increasing the transport fares by 15%. We by this press conference caution all drivers to abide with the 15% and not to add more or less, the group noted in a statement copied to the Soireemews.com on Wednesday July 6, 2022.
According to them, they are very surprised and shocked as to how other acclaimed, transport unions ,who claim to be fighting for drivers, are quiet and unconcerned at this trying and difficult moment ,at a time drivers need them most.
They pointed out that a gallon of diesel is selling around 66gh and the heat and frustration starring at us is deadly.
'We re also surprise and disturb, why the GPRTU of TUC is quiet and unconcern about the current happenings in the the transport business, after meeting with the  transport minister for about almost three weeks nothing profitable have arrive," they stated.
They entreated all drivers to support and help them to fight this rightful course to ensure the driving job is been secure and breathing.
"We also plead with the general public to cooperate with us, during this trying times. We will continue to serve them in high esteem.
"We say this one too shall surely pass," the noted.