Public advised to make elderly their priority

The Bono Regional director of Social Welfare advocating for the aged to be treated well and fare as the country joins the world to celebrate World Elderly Day

Public advised to make elderly their priority
Public advised to make elderly their priority

As the world celebrates Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the general public has been advised to make the welfare of the elderly their priority.

This according to the Bono Region Regional Social Welfare Director, Peter Duayah will help enhance the living of the elderly in the country.

He said Government through its flagship program, Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) has been ensuring the well-living of this aged hence the need for the general public to also join the course.

Mr Duayah speaking to Soiree News expressed worry over how the Ghanaian society treats the aged to the extent of attaching them with witchcraft.

The World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is observed on 15 June to highlight the issue of elder abuse. Initially, in 2006, a request to establish 15 June as a special day for elders and senior citizens was made. However, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) finally recognized the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in 2011.

The day aims at raising awareness about elder abuse which can be physical, mental, sexual, financial and social in nature and also includes ill-treatment and neglect. As per a survey conducted by the Age well Foundation, around 73 per cent of elders faced abuse during the coronavirus lockdown amid the ongoing second wave in India.

Released ahead of the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2021, the findings showed that the pandemic has adversely affected the lives of 82 per cent of the respondents. The theme this year is 'Access to Justice', which aims at reminding the importance to address the needs of elders who may seek recourse.

The older generation who have gone through abuse, violence and neglect often face problems in accessing judicial remedies owing to issues of affordability, accessibility, gender bias, the impact of digitalization, excessive delays and backlogs in judicial processes, reasonable accommodation, and discrimination.

The ability to fully exercise their human rights gets impacted by their access to justice.

For elders, the preservation of respect and dignity is crucial in such situations.

Aim of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Elder abuse is a global social issue that affects the health (physical/mental) of the older generation and diminishes their rights. The aim of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is to educate our communities on a global level about the abuse and neglect of elders.