Teachers snub classes in the Savannah Region

The teachers have abandoned classes for reasons best known to them.

Teachers snub classes in the Savannah Region
Yallah D/A Primary School

Teachers at Yallah D/A Primary School in the Central Gonja District have abandoned their posts.

According to them, their life is on the line and if they don't proceed with the action of breaking classes, the community will not take their profession seriously.

The Yallah D/A Primary has become a breeding ground for various weeds as a result of tall grasses giving room for reptiles like lizards and snakes to visit during class hours.

They have communicated to leaders in the community on the situation yet they have all turned deaf ears. The pupils dress up for school each time but no teacher shows up, a situation they have complained of affecting their studies.

They have therefore called on the various authorities to resolve the challenges the teachers go through to get them back to the classrooms.

Affected parents told Soireenews that it's unfortunate their wards are going through such challenges for the reason that it could cut short their dreams. Most parents have taken advantage of the situation by employing their wards to farms.

 Stephen Amoah, Savannah Region