Afram Plains North DCE warns PWDs against sale of support Packages

Afram Plains North DCE warns  PWDs against sale of  support Packages
Mr Ofori-Koree

The Afram Plains North District Assembly in the Eastern Region has presented life enhancement start-up kits and fiscal cash to various Persons With Disability (PWDs), funded with three per cent of the Assembly’s Common Fund.

Following this initiative, the Afram Plains North District Chief Executive (DCE) Mr. Ofori-Koree, has cautioned beneficiaries against the practice of  reselling support items received from the Assembly's Disability Common Fund.

According to the DCE, they have observed that some beneficiaries of the district who received items such as container-shops, cassava greater, deep freezers, among others for establishing themselves resort to selling the items.

Mr Ofori-Koree explained it's in government’s plan to support Persons With Disablity (PWD) to enhance their social status.

He called on the Assembly Members to educate them to use the opportunity to utilize the items wisely to empower them become financially independent and make them self-sufficient. He made this statement when he presented a report on people with disability's fund at his first General Assembly Meeting

He further stated the government has changed the policy by presenting them with the start-up kits for them to establish long term businesses, instead of cash. He therefore encouraged them to work hard to make it in line with Government’s eagerness at building their capabilities to empower them instead of begging on the streets.

He therefore appealed and advised, the beneficiaries to use the support for income generating activities.

In relation with Health issues in the District, Mr. Ofori-Koree shared his unhappiness about the vaccination reluctancy in the Kwahu Afram Plains North according to Data.

He therefore encouraged everyone to take part in the vaccination exercise.

"The vaccines are not harmful to human health but rather they are meant to protect human life, so far no report of complications or mal-functions has been heard." He said

He used the opportunity in his presentation to urge all the Assembly members to help the district to educate others on the measures and the reasons why they should get vaccinated.