Satan's Taken Over 31st Nights; No More Relevant- Apostle

He has advised believers to stop celebrating it.

Satan's Taken Over 31st Nights; No More Relevant- Apostle
St. Sark

Apostle Kofi Nkansah Sarkodie a.k.a Saint says Satan has taken over 31st December night, therefore, there is the need for Christians to stay away from the much attended Christian occasion.

As acknowledged, 31st December is always marked every year by all believers, especially Christians in the aftermath of Christmas eve. 
Believers go to Churches on that faithful night between 9 pm and 1 am to pray to God for resolution, seek protection in the upcoming year, also pray to God for prosperity in the new year.

Some prophets and religious leaders do use the opportunity to also prophesize doom on the night. 

However, Saint Sark has chastised the event stating "Satan has taken over 31st night. I have stopped my Church members from celebrating it because it's irrelevant".


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Saint Sark explained that Satan has realized that the night is been marked by all manner of people both good and bad therefore the devil has manoeuvred his ways to spewing lies in the heart of some self-acclaimed men of God to mislead the various congregations via force prophesies and teachings.

He told Soiree News reporter Joseph Marfo that, the 31st December night has pulled many Christians into hell fire, therefore, there is the need for believers to stop it abruptly so as to keep them away from hell fire.

He advised that Christians should rather celebrate 25th December which is the actual date of birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and that it would not be difficult for them to inherit the Kingdom of God after their demise from planet earth.

Joseph Marfo, Ashanti Regional Correspondent