Young man escapes lynching on early hours of Tuesday

The thief is in the cuffs of the Police at the Akuapem Mampong Police Station.

Young man escapes lynching on early hours of Tuesday
Frank arrested

A thief suspected to be in his mid-20s known as Frank was lucky to escape the wrath of a mob in Mmaom a suburb of  Akuapem Mampong in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The robber barged into a house at Mmoam locality in Mampong on early hours of Tuesday 5th January 2021 after a lady called Abigail left her room in the early hours to perform normal daily cleaning routine duties at home.

According to her, she remembered to make a call during the period, so she went back to her room only to find a stranger young man in his 20s sitting on her bed, searching in her bags for money and other items.

In her quest to shout for help, the guy pushed her off his way and was able to jump a wall. He as chased by a mob as well as a military man in the community and a few minutes after, they were able to apprehend the thief.


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The mob decided to lynch him but through the intervention of the military man named Kwame, tensions calmed them down as he promised to retrieve all the stolen items from the thief,  even though they were surrounded by alert family and other community members who helped in the search for the thief.

Sensing danger after he noticed mob holding cutlasses, stones and sticks. the thief handed over all the stolen items which include GHC35,  and 2 Android mobile phones belonging to Abigail.

Each of the phones had over one thousand Ghana Cedis of Mobile Money. He is now in custody at the Akuapem Mampong Police Station.

From the Eastern region: William Ofori Akwaboa