“Sanitize your hand before I give you my license” - Driver tells Police

Ghanaian health worker makes wise decision in asking police Officer to sanitise hands before collecting his drivers license.

“Sanitize your hand before I give you my license” - Driver tells Police

 An unidentified Ghanaian health worker surprised a police officer by asking her to sanitize her hands before inspecting his drivers license.

The unidentified health worker is heard saying that he is a staff of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), as he gently told the officer to sanitize her hands.

The Health worker had the license and did not intend gving it to the Police officer until precautionary measures were taken.



With the rapid rise in Coronavirus cases this video comes as a reminder that it does not matter who the interaction occurs with, safety comes first.

Ghanaian citizens have been asked to observe certain measures to prevent the rapid spread of the disease which has now claimed over 10,000 lives worldwide, and hand sanitization is chief amongst them.



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To ensure that their hands are always clean either by washing with soap and water or using a sanitizer. The civilian asking the police officer to do so is well within his rights as each must do everything in his own power to curb the spread of the deadly virus.