Reptiles Chase Kukua JHS Students in Wooden Architecture 

The Kukua M/A Junior High School students in the Suhum Municipality have been deprived of a comfortable and serene environment to make studies possible.

Reptiles Chase Kukua JHS Students in Wooden Architecture 
Kukua M/A JHS classroom

The students of Kukua M/A Junio High School (JHS) in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern Region study under a wooden framework with reptiles.

The stringent conditions under which the student's study are discouraging parents from enrolling their children in the school.

It compels teachers to close early during rainfall, whilst the students wrestle with reptiles.

The school, which was established in 1945 with a three-unit classroom structure erected through communal labour has left students and teachers in fear. The deplorable school block from set one to three wooden are detached with sandy floors, exposing teachers and students to unpleasant suffering and pollutions.

The source indicates that Inadequate teaching and learning resources, including textbooks, are the other obstacles confronting the school as some of the students have lamented that, '‘we do not have a single computer for ICT practicals, but we partake in the examination on the subject."
Information gathered from some students has revealed that the population of the school is over 90 students, however, they have submitted to the government and other organizations to come to their aid.

Speaking to one of the teachers on anonymity, he opined that he is very upset to experience such conditions in a non-concern state by the Education Ministry and the Municipal Assembly.

He called for benevolence to come to their aid as all efforts to get a good structure to accommodate the students have proved futile.

William Ofori Akwaboa, Eastern Regional Correspondent