Poor artiste management killing talents -Warro

According to artist manager Warro, the Ghanaian entertainment industry's growth has been hampered by the lack of competent talent management.

Poor artiste management killing talents -Warro

Warro, whose real name is Augustine Kissi Bamfo, claimed that while management is about strategy, preparation, and hard work, many unqualified people pass for managers.

 To the cost of their careers, he claimed that "too many artists in the country are happy to rely on friends and personal assistants as their managers."

Warro, who represents Kiki Marley, has noticed that certain artist managers in the nation choose to deceive their clients rather than being truthful with them.

He made the point that one of the reasons why only a few artists succeed while many vanish after a brief stint in the spotlight is due to the procedures and absence of core frameworks in Ghana's creative arts industry.

Because there aren't any essential frameworks in the industry, artists here are up against it. We live in a nation where artists are not compensated with royalties.

There is no mechanism for musicians to keep track of when and when their music is played, and some regulatory bodies fall short of expectations. However, there is still hope that things will improve in order for the sector to prosper, according to Warro.