NPP will be better under my leadership

We will make Elephant fraternity more attractive to the youth and help in the party's bid to break the 8

NPP will be better under my leadership

 Honorable Frederick Opare-Ansah has hinted that the New Patrotic Party(NPP) will be better under his leadership if voted for as the General Secretary. This, according to him,will make Elephant fraternity more attractive to the youth and help in the party's bid to break the 8 and by extension, the nation when voted as General Secretary.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with at the party Headquarters on the sidelines of filing nominations to contest for the General Secretary position, he said he is hopeful to win.

He noted that the feeling of intolerance, uninclusiveness and the lack of openness with businesses within the party have contributed to the reason many partyhfuls have no longer have. He disclosed further that the aforementioned challenges nearly caused the party to lose the 2020 general elections, a situation he was changing to change.

"Even with the tie of 137 at the general elections and additional independent candidate on our side, we still could not clinch the speakership position in Parliament", he lamented. "This is a sign of a sleeping leadership within the party. Look at our national headquarters, even when Accra has not flooded, the first floor of our national headquarters has", he Honourable Frederick Opare-Ansah bemoaned the dwindling nature of the party's base adding, "The party is licking in both physical structures and electoral management".

The NPP, he ned is in serious jeopardy and needed to be revived as early as possible. Asked how he was going to fix the challenges that he had identified, Honourable Opare-Ansah noted that some of those challenges were better discussed internationally with party hierarchy while the rest would begin ordered to give the base of the party what he referred to as a new reason they must kill themselves for the party.

According to him, there was high despondency widely at the base of the party. "Lots of party faithfuls they do not see the reason they should fight for the party to come back to power because they feel neglected, they don't receive the due attention even when they try to approach the national officers", he intimated.

"So my view is that we have to clear the top leadership because if an animal starts to get rotten, it starts from the head. Our party is gradually getting rotten", he cried out. He called the party delegates to massively throw their weight behind him for what he termed victory for change.

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor