Nigerians Prosper Because They Come Together - Haillie Sumney

Actress, Haillie Sumney, points to major differences between Ghanaian and Nigerian acts

Nigerians Prosper Because They Come Together - Haillie Sumney
Haillie Sumney

Haillie Sumney has made a rallying call for Ghanaian entertainers to come together like their Nigerian counterparts.

The Television personality and actress, mentioned this while highlighting the ways that Ghanaians can wrestle the movie market back on the world stage.

According to her, for the short time she has been in the industry, it has come to her notice that there is not much teamwork and unity between the industry players, hence, called for more of that.

“One advice I would give my fellow actors and actresses of today especially is that we need to come together more, more teamwork and more collaboration. I’ve done quite a few movies in Nigeria so I will compare."

"In Nigeria, you will see a lot of the superstars coming together. Not just to act a movie but to produce a movie so the more, the merrier and the movie goes far but I feel like here, everybody wants to be the star so we feel selfish and greedy”,

Haillie said this while being interviewed by the award-winning Foster Romanus on e/TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show.

She posited that a lot would go smoother if Ghanaian cooperated.

“Imagine the superstars in Ghana all coming together, putting even money together to produce a movie with lots of stars. Look how far we would go. The Nigerians like to do that a lot, especially in their movies and that is why Nollywood has gone that far,” she concluded.