Newly Constructed Astroturf Locked Up

Stakeholders of the game are very discomforted that the astroturf after commissioning has not been opened for the community to make use of the project.

Newly Constructed Astroturf Locked Up
Sekondi astroturf

The youth of Sekondi, Western Region have complained bitterly about the closure of the newly constructed astroturf which was commissioned by the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo before the December 7 election.

The football enthusiast and players in the community say they do not understand the rationale behind the closure of the turf and wants it opened to serve the purpose it was created.

"How can an astroturf which was commissioned by the president barely less than three months be closed down? Does that means it was not completed and they made the president commission for them to score political points or what?"

One of the enthusiasts who spoke to soireenews on the condition of anonymity said "we have been starved from playing football for ten months, thinking that when the astroturf is completed we will enjoy the good football-playing times back not knowing they are being taken for granted."

The special aide to the Member of Parliament for Sekondi, Mr Isaac Egyin Donkor popularly known as Ibu when contacted said, an expert has to come round to check whether there hasn't been any problem after the completion of the project, which is known as retention, purposely employed to ensure that the contractor properly completes the activities required of them under the contract.

He told that the expert a collapsed wall that needs to be built before the project is finally handed over.

Nhyiraba Kwesi Addae, Western Regional Correspondent