Many dead from a highway collapse in southern China

Dozens of people were killed when a roadway in southern China collapsed early on Wednesday, according to Chinese official media.

Many dead from a highway collapse in southern China

The accident caused automobiles to crash down a slope. Ma Zhengyong, the Communist Party secretary of Meizhou city, stated that at least 48 individuals lost their lives as a result of the collapse of a stretch of the freeway connecting Meizhou city with Dabu county in Guangdong province.

As rescue efforts continued on Thursday, some 23 automobiles had been found, and 30 injured individuals were still in stable condition at the hospital, according to CCTV.

About 500 individuals were part of the rescue squad that the Guangdong provincial government despatched, according to the state television. Officials informed state news agency Xinhua that more than 184 square meters of the highway had collapsed.

Social media videos that were widely shared and were taken in the dark revealed emergency personnel responding to the scene of a roaring fire beneath the location of the road.

Pictures shot in the early hours of the day revealed cars stacked at the base of a gully. Recent weeks have seen a deluge of heavy rain fall on Southern China.

With 127 million residents, Guangdong is a major economic hub. According to official media, which cited the local government, the region has experienced extensive flooding, forcing over 110,000 people to relocate.

According to Xinhua on Monday, at least four individuals in Guangdong have died as a result of the floods, one of them being a rescue worker. It said there were still at least ten unaccounted for persons missing.