I May Create My Own Label Soon - MzVee

MzVee says she might decided to create her own label or sign up with an existing label in the future

I May Create My Own Label Soon - MzVee

MzVee has hinted at the creation of a new music label in Ghana.

The former Lynx Entertainment signee, who has been a free music agent after she left the record label noted that she is fine being on her own and has no problems producing and recording music by herself.

According to her, time will determine the next steps that she will take, either to create a new record label so she can sign up other artists or to join an existing one.

As an afrobeat and dancehall artiste, MzVee noted that she is enjoying the creating freedom that comes with going solo.

Her one-woman team which she calls Team Mzvee (TMV) is in charge of all her songs now even though she gets several offers from various record labels in Ghana and internationally.

“I’ve had offers from the state, from Ghana here, I’ve had different offers but I like that I’m on my own.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than working and seeing it evolve and be great. And I like this feeling and I don’t want to change it for anything,” she told host Nana Ama McBrown.

“You never know, maybe, I may sign up with somebody or create my own label but for now, I like that I’m on my own,”

MzVee had blamed the depression she suffered two years ago on working too much, indirectly hinting that the stress of working with a record label was too much for her to bear.

“One of the things that led me to depression was because I was chasing this work so much and everything that was so physical I forgot what mattered."

"I alienated from my family for seven years, and I forgot what was important. And that can make you have a downward spiral. You need to find a balance. Else, you will be swept off your feet.”

She subsequently left Lynx Entertainment after her return to music after eight years of an incredible musical journey.

The talented singer has since produced several hit songs including ‘Hallelujah ft. Medikal, ‘Balance’ ft. Sarkodie and Sheriff which was the first after her recovery.