I can Perfom in Clubs, Bars - Gospel Artiste

Artiste, Deborah Akoto, maintains that she is willing to take the gospel to any arena as long as she is sent by God

I can Perfom in Clubs, Bars - Gospel Artiste
Deborah Akoto

Deborah Akoto has made a shocking revelation that there is no place she can't do her gospel music.

According to her, gospel music is as much for the unbelievers as it is for the believers therefore everybody deserves the chance to listen to it no matter where they are.

This is why she does not mind taking her tracks to places other people would consider as inappropriate.

She extended this by stating that other artists should be ready to perform at any place for the sake of drawing souls to Christ.

The fast-rising gospel star explained that preaching the gospel through music remains the core duty of every musician and she doesn’t see the need to turn down an offer to perform at a local club or pub.

''We do all gospel music for all human beings regardless of whether you are a believer or a non-believer. So I wouldn’t mind performing in a club, casino, or pub where people who go there are often touted as non-believers.

''These are the places we should be targeting as gospel musicians and not only churches and once our music reaches the clubs and pubs we would be able to win souls for Christ,’’ she stated.

Per her words, female gospel artists are allowed to date their managers as long as the relationship is a healthy one.

''there is nothing wrong when your manager proposes to you as a female musician. If only there would understanding between the two I think they can work and love each other,'' she concluded.