Family Members Drag Two Police Officers To Akufo-Addo, IGP, Speaker Of Parliament And Others--For Allegedly Killing Washing Bay Attendant At Mamaso

Family Members Drag Two Police Officers To Akufo-Addo, IGP, Speaker Of Parliament And Others--For Allegedly Killing Washing Bay Attendant At Mamaso
HUNDREDS of family members of a 17-year-old washing bay attendant at Mamaso in the New Abirem District of the Eastern Region Samuel  Kwasi Boateng Agyei who was allegedly beaten to death by the two police with the Abirem District Police Command have petitioned President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo and Speaker of Parliament,  Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Attorney General, Former President John Kofi Agyekum Kufuor and Former John Dramani Mahama, calling on them to immediately intervene to ensure that the justice prevails in this heartbreaking matter.

Consequently, the family members submitted the petition to the Paramount Chief of Akyem Kotoku Traditional Area, Afosu Chiefs, the Birem North District Security Council (DISEC) and Member of Parliament (MP) for the area over the matter which has created tension and confusion between the family members and police officers in the area.

According to the family members, it is important for these high profile personalities of this country to held them to demand justice for killing of their boy because it shows that the Abirem District Police Commander has sidelined the members of the family, particularly the biological mother of the deceased, Madam Grace from this case.

"In fact the very day when we went to the police station, the Abirem District Police Commander himself tells us that apart from the complaint who is the mother of the deceased, Madam Grace, he (senior police officer) is not going to deal in this matter with any other petson. but surprisingly what we could see now is the that the Commander has completely sidelined the complaint in the case...And that we don't even know who the senior police officer is dealing with now in connection of thid case," they complained.

They pointed out that they petitioned the state law enforcement regulatory personalities because the pieces of evidence available to them clearly shows that the Abirem District Police Commander and his men have felt reluctantly to pursue this case to its logical conclusion.
"The senior police officer failed to ensure that he gets the two police offices of Abirem District Police Command to face the full rigours of the law for assaulting the small boy to death," the family noted.

Addressing a crowded press conference, the Head (Abusuapanyin) of the deceased family, Mr Kwadzo Boateng stated that Samuel Kwasi Boateng Agyei died at Abirem Government Hospital after being physically assaulted by two police officers of New Abirem.
In this regard, he stated that the members of the family have demanded justice to ensure the the arrest and prosecution of the innocent boy's murderers .
"We are also demanding for the arrest and prosecution of the Manager and the Owner of the Washing Bay, Mr Agyenim Boateng who looked unconcerned when the police officers were beating the boy at his premises," parts of the petition read.
He pointed out that "The family members categorically stated that, they will reject any skewed autopsy report due to the actions and prejudicial comments by senior police officers and in the unlikely events that the family concerns were not met and they will also reject the body of the deceased for the police to burry him and organize his funeral, so that they can properly clean their mess and conceal all evidence."
He called on the Ghana Police Administration to immediately transfer or sanction the Abirem District Police Commander for exhibiting gross misconduct, incompetence and also attempting to shield criminals.
He stressed the members of the deceased family called on President Akufo-Addo to set up commission of an independent commission of enquiry to investigate the case or transferring the case to the national headquarters of the police CID since the family have lost trust in the both Abirem District and Akem Oda Divisional Police Commanders to do a proper job.
He noted that the deceased  Samuel Kwasi Boateng Agyei, until his untimely death was a washing bay attendant at Mamaso in the New Abirem.
According to the Head of the family,  Samuel Kwasi Boateng Agye dies less than 24hours after a short but severe illness which caused him to vomit blood on several occasions.
Strangely, in his last moment that he confided in his mother's sister and the medical doctor attending to him at the Abirem Government Hospital that he has been mercilessly beaten by two police officers stationed at the Abirem District Police Command.
According to the Head of the family, the deceased confided in these people that on his sick bed that there was a little confrontation between himself and the police officers when they brought out the Police Service vehicle  to their washing bay to wash.
"The said confrontation had arose after he told the officers that Manager of the Washing Bay, Mr Agyenim Boateng has warned them not to wash the police vehicle for free again since they have been washing the vehicle without paying for a long time.
"While working the water from the pumping machine unintentionally splashed on the irate police officers who pounced on him and assaulted him with both their hands and boots," the deceased was reported to have told the medical doctor and his mother's sister.
Even though the manager of the facility, Mr Agyenim Boateng initially denied knowledge of this barbaric act, the colleagues of the deceased, who confirmed the incident to journalists said Mr Boateng witnessed the incident and even tried to calm the police officers down but they wouldn’t listen.
"All these stories were told but it will surprised right thinking Ghanaians that the police have refused to act as the law requires and or have kept the official complainant and the entire family of the deceased in the dark as far as investigations are concerned.
'The police who committed this henous act have not interdicted, arrested, charged and put before the court of competent jurisdiction. These police officers are surprisingly still at post, walking freely and it is because they are police officers. 
"Surprisingly the Manager of the Washing Bay, Mr Agyenim Boateng who lied through his teeth that he never witnessed the assault has also not been arrested for deceiving police officers and trying to cover a crime involving murder," the members of the deceased family told journalists at the press conference.