Assembly Member Aspirant For Tulo Electoral Area Outlines Vision

"I will intensify Sanitation and enhance sensitization on filthy-related issues," the  Assembly member Aspirant assured.

Assembly Member Aspirant For Tulo Electoral Area Outlines Vision
Assembly Member Aspirant For
Tulo Electoral Area Outlines Vision
AN ASPIRING Assembly Member for Tulo Electoral Area within Sampa in the Jaman North District of the Bono Region, Mr Sah Kwasi Maxwell has expressed his eagerness to intensify issues of sanitation in his electoral area when he is voted in the upcoming District Assembly level elections. 
He noted that sanitation has been a major problem in the Tulo electoral area and Sampa at large which has resulted in the spread of filth-related ailments.
Following this development, he has given assurance that when elected Assembly man for the area  his outfit will ensure that all refuse dumps are well disposed of.
Mr Maxwell added that he has organized a series of communal labor together with his electorate to weed around the dumping sites and desilt choked gutters to maintain a hygienic environment.
He indicated that he will as soon as possible report issues of sanitation to the Assembly for immediate attention when he is given the mandate as the Tulo Assembly member.
Against this background, he pleaded with the people of the Tulo electoral area to endorse him as the Assembly member because he has a lot of developmental plans which when implemented will uplift the image of his electoral area. 
He said he has contributed a lot to the growth of Tulo even as a unit committee member where he supported his Assembly member in most of the organized communal activities.
He explained that he partnered with Honourable Okrah Andrews, the incumbent Assembly member to make a concrete culvert on the gutter just behind water Luu's vulcanizing shop.
"I have also organized communal labor last three weeks  to clear some places at the maternity ward inside Sampa Government hospital, clearing of the Sampa children's park, desilting of choked gutters, cleaning of the refuse dump at back of  Akuafuo Adamfo cashew Company Limited and many more," he revealed.
He indicated that he has being a unit committee member for 8years and so he knows Tulo electoral area very well and so that makes him the best person who can do the work very well for Tulo electoral area.
He added that he will ensure the issue of the deplorable toilet centered in the Sampa Main market is attended to to prevent future unforeseen circumstances.