Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere Sends Abandoned Boy To Police Station

Apostle Chibuzor takes little boy to the police station after his mother left him at his doorstep, expecting the man of God to be responsible for his welfare

Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere Sends Abandoned Boy To Police Station
Apostle Chibuzor

Apostle Chibuzor of the Omega Power Ministry found himself in a difficult situation when a mother abandoned her little boy at his doorstep, expecting him to take responsibility for the child's welfare.

Taking to his Instagram account, the preacher shared a photo of the boy and directed the mother to pick him up from the police station.

Expressing his frustration about the added responsibility, Apostle Chibuzor revealed that he was already struggling to care for over 1000 people.

He urged the mother to collect her child from the police station and consider taking him to a motherless babies home, emphasizing that his house was already full.

Despite not rejecting the child, Apostle Chibuzor felt it was necessary to hand him over to the government due to his overwhelming commitments.

In his words;

“Please the mother of this boy should go to Abacha police station to go and claim her child, my house is already filled up. The mother came this evening and dump this beautiful child in front of my house and disappeared.

Am sorry, on like me. I am not rejecting this child. I don’t reject children, I'm only giving him to government, not rejecting him.

"I am currently feeding more than a thousand people daily and food stuffs is increasing everyday, so mama go to Abacha police station and collect your boy and take him to motherless baby homes, today is Thursday 25 April 2024
Thank you and GOD bless you.”