KSM is wrong, Actors don’t need Sidejobs - Selly Galley

Actress opposes KSM’s view of entertainers needing side jobs bs to thrive in the industry

KSM is wrong, Actors don’t need Sidejobs - Selly Galley
Selly Galley

Ghanaian actress, Selly Galley, has disagreed with KSM's view that actors need side jobs since they cannot fully depend on acting to live a good life.

It was earlier reported that veteran Ghanaian actor, KSM, made the bold claim in an interview with Nkonkonsa that no Ghanaian can get rich from acting alone in the industry because acting isn't profitable in Ghana. He proposed that all entertainers must engage in side jobs to balance out the meager earnings from their acting careers.

Selly Galley, in response to this, has stated that actors do not compulsorily need additional jobs to improve their lives, although having such isn't a bad idea. She said that its an added advantage that will help the entertainer in the long run but the entertainer should be fine from his revenue from just acting alone in Ghana as the rewards are not as bad as KSM has said.

According to her, the entertainers brand should be enticing so as to attract endorsement deals from top organizations which can help to make up for the times no revenue is coming in from primarily acting.

"There are many top actors in Ghana who are living just off these and are doing well,’ she maintained.

Selly Galley took to her Instagram page to refute KSM's claims as she argued that an entertainer's brand is also part of their acting career and any money obtained from endorsements is part of the revenue from the acting career.

 “Actors don’t necessarily have to have a side job. Yes, it’s an absolute plus when they do but where is the capital coming from? The platform and brand an actor has is enough to attract endorsements which companies are now paying very well for, appearances, collaborations, and more.”



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“There are many top actors in Ghana who are living just off these and are doing well. Their passion is paying off without any side jobs. Really well. Even if the monies paid from movies, endorsements, and so on are not that much, little drops of water indeed make a mighty ocean.”

“But I can assure you companies are paying artistes very well in these times. Build a solid brand and you’re good to go!” she enthused. 

In clarifying that endorsements are not side jobs, Selly Galley elaborated explained the difference between them.

“Note that you’re endorsing brands as an actor not as an entrepreneur. They’d have gone for bankers etc. endorsements come with the job of an entertainer because of accumulated fan base. Brand Endorsement... it’s not a side job!”

“Film industries in Ghana and across Africa do not pay much due to lack of distribution /marketing platforms and cinemas and many more challenges we acknowledge that else getting well paid for acting and getting endorsements is very much part of being an entertainer. In fact, these two are the only certain avenues of making money as an entertainer. Every other thing is a side job.” she concluded.