Odudu Otu Wins Gulder Ultimate Season 12

Odudu Otu has emerged the winner of Gulder Ultimate search ‘Age of Craftsmanship’ season 12 on Sunday.

Odudu Otu Wins Gulder Ultimate Season 12
Odudu Otu

A sports enthusiast from Akwa Ibom, Odudu Otu, has won the 2021 Gulder Ultimate Search, Season 12.

He beat three other contestants to emerge as the ultimate man in a 2021 edition of the contest yesterday evening.

Odudu has gone home with N50 million worth of prizes, including an SUV, as well as a return ticket to Dubai.

Some viewers who have been following Gulder Ultimate Search Season 12, tagged the Age of Craftsmanship, had been rooting for Odudu. They said that he was an unassuming figure who always did enough to remain in the race as the nerve-wracking tasks unfolded.

He was also one of the last four out of the 16 contestants to be confirmed for the Gulder Ultimate Search, Season 12. He began to reach the limelight when he beat Damilola, a buoyant favourite, and won the 14th task of the ultimate search.

Odudu was a member of the Iroko clan comprising of members like Damola, Yankari, Esitima, Tobechukwu, and Gerald, who were considered by viewers as a formidable clan in Amorokin camp.

However, Gerald was one of the first to be evicted, while Esitima, who found three boomerangs made it to the top seven. Damola also made it to the final. Odudu began to shine when Individual tasks were given and it seemed that he had reserved his energy for his individual excellence.

In the final episode of the 2021 edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search, Odudu emerged winner after finding the Chest which contains the secret of the proverbial Akolo’s secret brew.