Madina NPP In Limbo As Sosu Vows To Obtain 100,000 Votes For JDM And Retain Seat For NDC

According to the hard-working young outspoken MP, he is self confidence that he has what it takes to get the 100,000 votes for JDM and also work hard to retain the Madina constituency parliamentary seat for the NDC in the 2024 showdown, cited his truck records and achievement which has put him in very  top position to win the seat.

Madina NPP In Limbo As Sosu  Vows To Obtain 100,000 Votes For JDM And Retain Seat For NDC
MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for Madina Constituency in the Greater Accra Region ,Honourable Francis Xavier-Sosu, has vowed to obtain 100,000 votes in his constituency for the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), H.E. John Dramani Mahama to help him win the 2024 general elections.

According to the hard-working young outspoken MP, he is self confidence that he has what it takes to get the 100,000 votes for JDM and also work hard to retain the Madina constituency parliamentary seat for the NDC in the 2024 showdown, cited his truck records and achievement which has put him in very  top position to win the seat.

Speaking in an interview with Soireenews. com during his first day of touring various market centres in Madina, Honourable Xavier-Sosu pointed out that many eligible voters in the electoral strongholds of the NPP in some areas within the Madina have told him during his current tour to their areas that they had never voted for the NDC before, but they are ready to vote massively for him and and NDC flagbearer to win the 2024 general election.
He stressed that the electorates in these
strong holds of the NPP in Madina cited
his track records and achievements in education, health, security, water, sanitation, security, hygiene, social welfare support, road infrastructure development, support of the youths in sports development and among other interventions, which had informed their decision to decide to vote for him to retain the seat for the party.
"These eligible voters told me that they have voted skirt and brouse in favour of me. They said they voted for me as their MP and voted for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the 2020 general elections, but in the upcoming December 7, 2024 general elections, they are ever ready to go and vote for the NDC flagbearer and me," he disclosed.

"We won't repeat out past mistakes  again to vote the NPP, No one will even allow NPP to steal elections again in this country," the voters in Madina told the MP.
"Honourable Sosu polled 62,127 of the valid ballots cast to defeat the incumbent, Mr. Abubakar Saddique Boniface, Former Minister of Inner Cities and Zongo Development and also Minister of State, who had 46,985 votes so it is means we voted skirt and blouse in the 2020 polls.
'This was what has happened when l got almost 5000 votes more than vote maigns of former President John Dramani in the Madina constituency in the 2020 general elections who had 59,211 votes, representing 55.36% as compared to 62,127 votes of he Honourable Sosu has polled in the 2020 polls," he explained.

"However, in this year 2024, about 5000 voters in this strong holds of the NPP in Madina told me that they are not going to make suck mistake again to vote for the NPP, but they assured that they would vote for me and JDM.
"So right now we are flipping the votes in favour of former President Dramani Mahama because as for me they have publicly come out to endorse me and that definitely the  constituents would vote for me to retain the seat for the party," the MP assured.
He stressed that their quest to obtain 100,000 votes in Madina constituency for former President John Dramani Mahama, also for me to retain Madina seat for the NDC in the 2024 showdown is on course, adding that the "victory wind for NDC and me is blowing."

He said that the purposes for him to start the three days tour of the various market centres in the constituency was aimed at accounting his stewardship to the constituents, particularly women eligible voters in these markets.
He mentioned that "we have in the last three years through Madina job centre initiative made 700 people to obtain jobs in Madina, we have our best teachers ward scheme, we have our education scholarship project.
"We have even pushed for Private Member’s Bill in Ghana’s Parliament and that three of the them have been passed into the law, one of them have Presidential assess. So the aim to tour the market centres was to let the  people in Madina know of all of these interventions. For the women like these, l brought to the Parliament of a private member’s bill proposing an amendment to remove the 15 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) on menstrual hygiene products.The proposed bill seeks to amend the VAT (Amendment) Act, 2022 (Act 1082) to remove the VAT on sanitary pads and tampons.
"l brought the Witchcraft bill to the parliament which was passaged into law to criminalize Witchcraft accusation, l brought the bill to make sure that the PWDs are giving jobs, l brought a bill to ensure that children who are sexually violated are covered under the NHIS.
"However, all these interventions are things that the people in Madina are happy about to declare their unflinching support for me and stressed that they would vote for me because of the laws l am pushing for them in the parliament," he said.
"Then also having accounted my stewardship to the constituents that that used the platform to vividly explain the Mahama 24-hour economy strategy to the constituents and educate them to know why it is important for us to vote for HE John Dramani Mahama on December 7, 2024 to win the political power," he noted.
According to the MP, the reaction from his constituents after he explained the Mahama 24-hour economy strategy to them was very positive, saying that majority of the eligible voters in the constituency had already embraced the policy and assured their readiness to vote massively for JDM.
The MP stated that over 90% of the people they met on the current tour on Wednesday February 21, 2024 in Tatana North and South area around Madina new road market, which was traditionally described as the NPP electoral strong hold in Madina, have declared to vote for the NDC and him to win in the 2024 polls.
"The voters in the area have been voting for the NPP but when l have toured the Tatana North and South area currently, l believe that the people in the area have now fallen for the NDC in the 2024 general election," he disclosed.
He stressed that the recent media report of the so-called poll conducted by research firm Global InfoAnalytics suggests that Honourable Xavier-Sosu likely to lose Madina seat in 2024 is baseless and unfounded.
He stressed that there was no iota of truth in that poll, arguing  that the one who conducted the poll lacks credibility because these are not truth reflections on the grounds.
According to him, the results of winning election in Madina are basically on the grounds,  stressing that "we in the NDC believe in the ground works, and not the electoral poll.
Honourable Xavier-Sosu rubbished the poll of the research firm Global InfoAnalytics and he has touted his achievements.
“My achievements within the last three years are unprecedented, comparing them to what my predecessors achieved in their period serving as a legislators for the Madina  constituency on the ticket of the NPP National,” the current MP touted.
Honourable Xavier-Sosu said he had so far achieved 80 per cent of his promises in the constituency, citing interventions in education, health and road infrastructure and insisted that “when I made the promise in 2020, people thought I was joking, currently, some roads are under construction, I have also provided iron dual desks for some selected schools, the distribution is ongoing to serve other schools.
 ”I have also renovated many classroom blocks of the various public schools in Madina, I cannot mention all the interventions but I intend to do more when I am given a second chance,” the MP pleaded.
According to him, his task now is to prove his worth to the constituents to retain him as their legislator.
Even though the rating of his achievements is quite significant, according to the MP, the constituency is still challenged in terms of growth and development and he described himself as a selfless leader who has again promised the electorate that he would work harder to tackle their various challenges.
“Looking at my contribution to the constituents, the only reward they will give me is to retain me to be able to continue the good works that I have started for the growth and development of the constituency,” Honourable Xavier-Sosu stressed.