Lower West Akim NDC Parliamentary Primary: I am Winning The Election One Touch Due To My Vast Track Records!—Darling Boy

Lower West Akim NDC Parliamentary Primary: I am Winning The Election One Touch Due To My Vast Track Records!—Darling Boy
Mr Owen Kwame Frimpong who is affectionately called Darling Boy
PARLIAMENTARY candidate hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Lower West Akim Constituency of the Eastern Region, Mr Owen Kwame Frimpong who is affectionately called Darling Boy, has promised to put the constituency on the world map if elected by delegates to win the primary and subsequently lead the party to snatch the seat from the New Patriotic Party (NDC) to represent the constituents in parliament.

The youth Ghana famous entrepreneur stressed that he has confidence in the various delegates and members of the party in the area that they would vote massively for him to win the race which was scheduled to be held on Friday August 25, 2023.
He declared that the track record of him will enable him to win the primary and added that even if his enemies were trying to continue to defame him in the public,he still stand a better chance of winning the race one touch.
"I am winning it hands down.My track record and achievement in the areas of promoting and championing the health infrastructure, education, security, sanitation, hygiene, youth and sports, social welfare of the people, human resources department, road networks among others have clearly showed that l am going to win the NDC parliamentary primary," Mr Frimpong told Soireenews.com, stressing that no machinations by his detractors would enable him to emerge the winner of the NDC parliamentary primary.
He said his has kept faith with the delegates and people as manifested in the development projects he has personally done spread across the constituency, and expressed the hope that the delegates and members of the NDC would reward him by voting for him massively to win the race.
"I can confidently say that from where I am, l and my campaign team have been interrogating people, and interacting with them throughout the processes. I have availed myself to listen to their concerns. What l and my team are able to solve we have solved, what we are able to improve upon we have done that.”
He further emphasized the trust that Lower West Akim residents have in his track record, saying that the people have faith that he will launch significant projects if given a fair chance. 
According to him, he has shared his vision statement with delegates and members of the NDC who would be voting and they appear to have a lot of faith in him. 
“They seem to believe what l have done, if l am given a fair opportunity, l will improve upon it,” Mr Frimpong continued.
He reaffirmed that despite the numerous falsehoods peddling against him by his destractors, he will win the primary to shame his political enemies.
“I can also confidently say that one of the people in this country that I have interacted with politically, that have been so discerning in their concerns in their views and opinions are the people of Lower West Akim. You will see that my political detractors hatched several evil plots against me but the delegates and members of the NDC in the area look at them and laugh.
The delegates of the NDC in the constituency will be heading to the polls on Friday August 25 2023, to elect their parliamentary candidates to lead the party in the 2024 parliamentary elections.
Speaking in an interview with Soireenews.com, Mr Frimpong  expressed optimism at winning the primaries due to his track record of service to the people in the constituency and the fact that he is a household name in Lower West Akim.
“My optimism [comes] from the fact that I have a track record with my people and distance over a decade and half of selfless service to the party, the NDC, in the Lower West Akim Constituency of the Eastern ,” he said.
Mr Frimpong is also counting on his message, which he believes resonates very well with the delegates, and his “team that is made up of competent men and women that are running round the length and breadth of the constituency” and believe it is time to be rewarded for his service over the years.
On the challenges in the Lower West Akim Constituency, the young Ghanaian famous entrepreneur identified youth unemployment and the lack of amenities such as road networks and schools.
He, however, looks forward to leveraging on the numerous opportunities in the constituency to address those challenges.
“ I intend to hold healthy partnership with the media, the investor community, government, CSOs and the rest so that we open up these eco-tourism sites so as to boost the local economy for the area, create jobs and multiple-income for the people and then reduce the destruction to the environment.”

On what he will do differently from the what the incumbent is doing currently in parliament, Mr Frimpong, said he intends to step up the advocacy that is needed to put Lower West Akim on the world map not just on the Ghanaian map.
“All it takes is someone who is a good advocate, someone who seeks the needed and healthy partnership in order to put Lower West Akim out there. Once you have a problem and it’s not well marketed, how do you resolve it? So, I intend to step up advocacy and to push for all the infrastructure that we need to connect to the opportunities to the benefit of the people and Ghana as a whole,” he assured. concluded.