AUCC rolls out 8 strategic plans to transform the educational system

Following the demand for problem-solving graduates, the African University College of Communications has rolled out strategic plans to achieve that purpose.

AUCC rolls out 8 strategic plans to transform the educational system

After incessant progress assessments of the programs offered juxtapositing with emerging challenges have called for a total overhaul of the ongoing programs hence the decision to delve into the practicality of work.

The decision for the new directive,     the AUCC President, observed is enshrined in what he termed the "strategic plan" which comprises 8 pillars. According to Professor Abeiku Blankson, the University's new direction is occasioned by the assessment of the ongoing system of the usual theoretical way of presenting term papers which is less problem-solving and hence reduced to the shelves to gather dust.

He further revealed that the new system when fully operational will see a shift to entrepreneurial training and critical thinking. Professor Blankson was upbeat that the total implementation of the new programs will transform the crop of graduates that will be churned into the job market.

"It's about problem-based learning, practical learning, and upgrading with an entrepreneurial mindset, it's about critical learning, it's about online or virtual learning and taking advantage of digital learning and technology. It's about being a truly African University and telling the story of Africa the way it must be told, educate and do research on African issues and many more", Professor Blankson explained in an interview with the media.

"We at AUCC craved a new path and if emulated within the University structures in Ghana, we will go a long way in solving our problems. We are all aware that we do have a lot of Universities in Ghana amidst many challenges but we are not addressing them. We see a huge disconnect between education, industry, and society and but that gap needs to be bridged.

The gap will have to keep closer and closer and that is what AUCC is doing", he said. Contrary to what used to exist regarding project work, Professor Blankson stated that the students will now have to go to the industries and identify the problems and brainstorm to figure out how to proffer ways to address them.

He could not understand why the Ghanaian will have to adopt somebody's language and pretend to be good at it. He said AUCC is bringing language back, bringing Africaness back coupled with the dedication of a whole center to African Diaspora Studies but he conceded that his outfit will not be able to do that alone.

Given that, he is making an appeal to Interested Africans in the Diaspora to team up with the University to realize that vision. Themed, "Re-imaging AUCC Excellence in Education within the context of Pan-Africanism and Digitalization", Professor Blankson is hopeful the new direction will set AUCC as a pacesetter in Education. "Re-imaging AUCC: Excellence in Education within the context of Pan-Africanism and Digitalization".

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor