You want to judge me? - Reggie Zippy

Reggie Zippy, a member of the Ghanaian duo "Reggie & Bollie," has addressed the criticism leveled at him after posting an intimate photo of himself and his white lover.

You want to judge me? - Reggie Zippy

The public act of love attracted notice and stirred discussion among fans and supporters.

Reggie Zippy published two unique photos of himself with his new partner on social media. One of the pictures showed Reggie grabbing the woman's buttocks while she had her arms around his neck.

The rapper, who is used to being scrutinized by the public, replied to the criticism by pleading with his supporters and fans not to jump to conclusions when defending his conduct and imploring those who were critical of him to see things from his point of view.

Reggie Zippy began his Instagram post in response to detractors with a rhetorical question: "You want to judge me?

"That’s alright but wait until you try to contact your own children you’ve raised for 15 years and more lands you in police custody and any future attempts to contact them whether directly or indirectly could lead to your arrest and imprisonment.

“I am an innocent good father on bail without any criminal charges, do you know how that feels? Let it sink in and stop judging people you know nothing about on social media. I dare you to walk a mile in my shoes and let me know how you get on.

“My heart is pure, my mind is strong, my spirit is unbearable and God has always been on my side so I fear no man or evil plot against me.”

Edith Ward, Reggie Zippy's ex-wife, sued for divorce citing, among other things, infidelity, deception, drink abuse, and financial abuse.

She claimed that Reggie had been having an adulterous relationship with a certain white woman for the last two to three years.