Guru is too Polite for my Liking - Afia Schwarzenegger

Comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger claims Guru is too polite with how he’s handling his Kuami Eugene Beef

Guru is too Polite for my Liking - Afia Schwarzenegger
Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger has waded in on the Guru NKZ vs Kuami Eugene beef.

The "social commentator" has taken sides with Guru on the grounds that Kuami Eugene was nowhere when Guru was making hits in Ghana.

Guru, the author of hit songs such as “Lapaz Toyota”, “Alkayida”, “Pooley Swag” among others gently advised Kuami Eugene to not attack other artists in the name of defending his label as he won't be under the label forever.

“There are always new Lords so remember nothing lasts forever. Point of correction I never begged for a Collaboration. I didn't ask for Collaboration because I wanted a hit song, I have a lot of hit songs and I'm proud of that. I wanted you to know I appreciate your craft that's  why I wanted us to work together and nothing more. I wish you well. Thank You. N K Z.” He said. 

This came shortly after Kuami Eugene had stated that he could not do a collaboration with Guru because Guru had insulted the boss of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah.

Richie Mensah also defended his artiste, by stating that Kuami Eugene's only crime is saying the truth.

“I normally stay quiet in most situations but this time I only feel it's right I say something. Guru asked Lynx for a feature with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, but the request was denied. He then went from one media house to another insulting me and other members of Lynx management, even to the extent of accusing us of sabotaging his career for the past 10years."

"He spun stories which implied we have some extreme power in the industry to vitiate someone's career. As usual, my team and I stuck to our usual demeanor and stayed mute. When Kuami Eugene was asked in an interview if he would feature Guru, he simply said he couldn't because Guru had insulted me consistently, and it wouldn't be right to do a feature with someone who was disrespecting his boss. Let's call a spade a spade.” Richie said.

Afia Schwarzenegger has now chided Guru for being too nice with his words, that he should have blasted Kuami Eugene for even thinking of saying the words he said. 

She took to her Instagram page to tender her grievance as she clearly stated that Guru was being too polite with regards to the "disrespect" that Kuami Eugene had originally tendered.

“You are too polite for my liking... @gurunkz …Pls this is a clear case of "when we were we..what class were u??Mtcheewwwwww the impudence.” She said.