Give Your Girl Access To Your Phone and She Won’t Cheat - Sista Afia

Artiste, Sista Afia has assured her Ghanaian male fans that their partners won’t cheat if they have access to their phones

Give Your Girl Access To Your Phone and She Won’t Cheat - Sista Afia
Sista Afia

Sista Afia has opined that women cheat because men are to secretive.

According to her, if men were open with the details of their dealings, their spouses would cheat less.

The artiste stated that girlfriends will never cheat if their boyfriends allow them access to their phones freely without any restrictions.

“Guys, give your girlfriend the passwords on your phone and she will never cheat on you, is this difficult to ask?” She tweeted.

This corroborates Tulenkey's view, who also opined that men should not trust their spouses if they don't go through their phones.

Per his view, men should not trust their women if they don't get or act jealous I'm their respective relationships.

He argued that women are jealous and inquisitive in nature so any woman who does not exhibit jealous behaviours around her man such as going through his phones or asking him questions about his whereabouts should be considered very dangerous.

“If any woman tells a man that because she respects his privacy, she won’t go through his phone, then she’s a liar. She is hiding something. No girl will ever do that. Girls are very inquisitive, the word 'konkonsa' (gossip) came from girls. If a girl doesn’t read your chat, then it means there’s something wrong.”

“We need to access each other’s phones. It's not a bad thing. No hidden secrets, no privacy. If any of my friends tells me that he saw my woman in another man’s car, I should be able to tell them who that particular man is. I need to know all your ins and out. You need to be transparent with me,” he concluded.