Weed Can Do A Lot If Legalised For Personal Use - Stonebwoy

Artiste, Stonebwoy, maintains that the benefits of legalising weed overshadows the disadvantages

Weed Can Do A Lot If Legalised For Personal Use  - Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy is of the opinion that weed can help the economy if legalised.

The dancehall artiste while replying to a fan's inquiry on social media explained that only people who have not done their research think that weed is bad.

This comes after the government of Ghana legalized the use of marijuana but only for commercial purposes or for large scale purposes that can make a significant impact on the economy.

Stonebwoy has argued that the medicinal benefits can be harnessed too if the government legalises it for personal use.

A fan had challenged Stonebwoy on the role of weed in the economy, the fan said:

"@stonebwoyb, if cocoa, gold, mag, diamond, timber, bauxite, copper, shea butter, & oil can’t save this country, what will weed do? SMH! Jah did not create anything illegal, Man is full of illegalities. We were told weed is bad, research abt it now, It’s time to ask questions."

Stonebwoy was quick in his response, as he suggested that the fan was speaking from a place of ignorance.

"It can Do A Looooot!! Research on its overall benefits" He noted.

The BHIM nation boss, who has been preaching on the development of Ghanaian culture and traditions through his music and has supported African music, noted that everyone must do his part to move the country forwards.

He further noted that it is time for musicians to know that there are higher levels to spiritual ordination.

"Musical Success is Relative. Music Is Not Sports You Cannot Gamble On it. Certainly, There Are Higher Levels To This Spiritual Ordination. Know Thy State. the Capitalist is Smart But Be Wise.." he concluded.