Joe Biden’s Dog Bites White House Staff

Joe Biden’s German Shepherds Sent Home to Delaware After ‘Biting Incident’ at White House

Joe Biden’s Dog Bites White House Staff
Joe Biden with his German Shepards

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden’s two German Shepherds have been removed from the White House and are back in Wilmington, Delaware after a display of aggression from their 3-year-old dog Major, CNN reports.

Major, who was adopted from a Delaware animal shelter by the Bidens back in November of 2018, was involved in a “biting incident” with an unidentified person in White House security, according to sources CNN spoke with.

"The two German Shepherds belonging to President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were returned to the Biden family home in Delaware last week after aggressive behaviour at the WH involving Major Biden, two sources with knowledge tell CNN’s," The source wrote. 

The victim’s condition has not been revealed. 

The Bidens’ other German Shepherd, 13-year-old Champ, was also sent back to Delaware with Major despite having nothing to do with aforementioned aggressive behaviour. The two dogs moved into the White House shortly after Biden’s inauguration.

It’s apparently not the first time that Major has rattled people in the White House. CNN reports sources as saying Major has previously jumped, barked, and charged at both members of White House staff and security.

The White House has yet to respond to the news.