Zongo Caucus Coordinator hopeful appeals for votes to address challenges within Zongo caucus

According to Abdul Aziz Mohammed, the challenges within the Zongos will be dealt with a concerted effort and that can be led by him.

Zongo Caucus Coordinator hopeful appeals for votes to address challenges within Zongo caucus

Aspiring National Zongo Caucus Coordinator(NZCC), Abdul-Aziz Mohammed is appealing to delegates to vote for him in order to address teething within Zongo communities.

According to him, the challenges within the Zongos must be dealt with in order to revive what he termed weak grassroots structures.

According to him, a vote in that direction will enable him win back the loyalty of the Zongo communities to the NDC.

Having been a member of the NDC National Campaign Team, he believes he has loads of experiences to bring to bear on the job when voted for.

In a document copied to Soireenews.com spelling out his experience with the National Campaign Team across the country,he disclosed that he is much abreast with the real issues on the ground.

According to him, the disappointing showings of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) has left much to be desired therefore the need to redeem it.

He indicated that he was motivated by the issues of the Zongos to contest in 2018 but lost to the NPP whom he said failed to address same.

He assured the community within the Zongos not to lose hope as the NDC under his leadership would restore hope. According to him, there is the need for equal opportunity and equal rights for all including the Zongos communities.

"National Democratic Congress (NDC) is the only trustworthy alternative political party in Ghana today with all the credentials to run the affairs of the party.

And key area that has the human resources and population to bring back the NDC to power is the Zongos and inner cities.

They require someone with the huge human ability and resources to work towards helping the party win back Zongos and inner city communities", he noted.

"There is no doubt that the Zongos and inner cities belonged to the NDC, as it was the only party that remained faithful to ensuring their development", he stressed.

He recounted that in the immediate past general elections, complacency had been the cause of the vote fall for the NDC as a party.

Abdul Aziz Mohammed maintained that the party's reduction in votes within the Zongos and Inner Cities contributed to the defeat suffered in the last election.

He therefore indicated his resolve to claim same for the NDC in the upcoming elections.

Report by Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor