Yvonne Nelson Reportedly Marries Italian Lover

Adu Sarfowaah congratulates Yvonne Nelson on her alleged marriage to her Italian lover with #happy marriedlife

Yvonne Nelson Reportedly Marries Italian Lover
Yvonne Nelson

Social media is abuzz with reports that Yvonne Nelson has tied the know with her secret Italian lover.

Even though there have been no pictures or videos from the alleged event, two prominent sources have appeared to have confirmed the wedding.

Actress, Adu Sarfowaah, took to Instagram to congratulate her colleague with the comment:

“Congratulations odo. I love you. Privacy wins. #HappyMarriedlife,” to further fuel the rumour that Yvonne Nelson had married in private.

This came shortly after Yemmey Baba, a Ghanaian-based Nigerian blogger is quoted to have stated that the ceremony was held a fortnight ago.

"Congratulates one of Africa’s finest screen goddesses, YVONNE NELSON as she tied the knot with her Italian sweetheart (name withheld)". The highly secured ceremony -which we were there- took place two weeks ago."

"To many, instead of getting shocked to the marrow asking, ‘how?’, ‘when?’, ‘where?’, forming all ‘Nicodemus’ on why she didn’t first of all come and seek for your permission or approval on (from) social media; try to find out and stick to the recipe that’s tasting nice for the newly wedded diamond-ring beauty, HAPPY MARRIED LIFE, Yvonne," they wrote.

The nature of the posts has drawn the speculation that the 'wedding' might be for the promotion of an upcoming movie which is why they are trying to make the #happymarriedlife trend because it is the name of the movie.

Yvonne Nelson herself is yet to confirm the rumours which also draws into question the veracity of the news.

Other fans have however claimed that the news might be true knowing Yvonne Nelson's strict privacy rules.

They cited the news of Yvonne Nelson’s affair with British photographer Jamie Roberts spread and later turned out to be true.

This particular relationship led to the birth of a daughter, Ryn Roberts even though they later broke up.