You have no legal right to ban movies - Kobi Rana blasts Ghana Tourism Authority

Film director, Kobi Rana, calls out the GTA for the ban placed on the ‘Freedom and Justice’ movie, asks for refund on the movie

You have no legal right to ban movies - Kobi Rana blasts Ghana Tourism Authority
Kobi Rana

Kobi Rana has asked the Ghanaian Tourism Authority (GTA) to refund the money used in the production of the 'Freedom and Justice' movie after it reportedly banned the movie.

According to him, the Ghanaian Tourism Authority has been using underhanded means to intimidate individuals into not airing the movies even though the body has claimed that it did not ban the movie.

He labelled the GTA's claim of having not banned the movie as a lie.

Kobi Rana explained that the Ghana Tourism Authority knows fully well that it does not have the legal right to ban the creative works of any individual.

The film director and writer stated that the GTA are aware of this, so they devised less than legal means to intimidate the venues announced for the premiere of the movie.

The GTA issues the spread of the Coronavirus as the major reason for halting the premiere of the movie, but Kofi Rana pointed out that other events were held at the same venue thus the GTA does not need to hide under the spread of the Coronavirus to ban his movie.

He subsequently called on the GTA to pay back the millions used in the promotion of the movie.


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“These are movie shows that happened same time our movie show was stopped. And don’t repeat that lie that you didn’t ban our movie. You know you have NO LEGAL RIGHT TO BAN ANYBODY’S CREATIVE ARTS. That’s why you went to intimidate our venues." He wrote. 

"Firstly, COVID-19 has NOTHING to do with this. You want to destroy our other venues so we will be FORCED to show our BIG MOVIE at your cinema at the mall. You are a part-owner of that cinema so YOU GAVE ORDERS to stop our movie. JUSTICE MUST BE SERVED. Our millions lost in promotion set up and venues IN 10 REGIONS OF GHANA must be paid back to us. PLUS DAMAGE COMPENSATION."

"One of the premieres in the photos is from Takoradi. IN KUMASI, YOU GAVE ORDERS TO THEM TO STOP OUR MOVIE SHOW at KNUST CCB AUDITORIUM. Same auditorium that held a beauty pageant and Ashanti music awards few days before our movie show."

"So who is that believing that COVID-19 lie? His Excellency @nakufoaddo we deserve justice. If this is the creative arts Your Excellency promised to support. Thousands have been affected by this cruelty of one man in @ghanatourismauthority."

"If any Authority called to sit us down PEACEFULLY to explain to us that the movie is not appropriate for post-election tension, we would have SIMPLY postponed. We stand for PEACE. But destroying our survival so cruelly, we demand JUSTICE. #Freedomandjusticemovie,” he lamented.