“Women should never marry out of love” - Sonnie Badu

The prominent worshipper advices ladies on the criteria for choosing their life partners.

“Women should never marry out of love” - Sonnie Badu
Sonnie Badu

Renowned personality and Head Pastor of Rockhill Church, Dr. Sonnie Badu, has warned ladies going into life partnerships just because of love to evaluate their actions before it's too late. 

The popular preacher advised women to be strategic when it comes to marriage as a Christian woman usually has one shot at getting married.

He stressed that love can never be enough to sustain a union because there are other prominent factors that will collapse the marriage if they are not properly investigated.

“As a woman, you just don’t go into any marriage because you are in love. He bought me a gift and he’s so nice, amazing, he take me out, he takes me to dinner and I’m in love…no no no baby boo turn, you destiny has everything to do you have to be strategic” he said in one of his popular services on women, tagged "She Woman Conference".



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The preacher asked ladies to always go for a man of vision, a man who sees ahead and knows what he wants with his life. He explained that a man with love and not vision will soon start to depend on the woman and this will in turn just drag both of them down.

“If you make a mistake and you choose or you accept from the wrong person based on his romance and not his vision. A lot of young ladies go for romance and not vision…carry on. Very soon he’ll start borrowing money from you…he’ll tell you, use your credit card in debt, and by the time you realize you’ve had 2-3 kids…waste of time.”



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