“Why I Sometimes record when I’m having sex” - KiDi

Artistes claims that he gets inspiration from everything, including during sex.

“Why I Sometimes record when I’m having sex” - KiDi

Award-winning Ghanaian artiste, KiDi, has confessed that he carries his voice recorder on him at every moment, even during sex.

According to him, inspiration can come as a song from anywhere at any point. The talented artiste even admitted that he had gotten the "revelation" for a couple of his songs during sexual intercourse.

“Oh yeah of course… that’s why I always have my voice recorder ‘Freaky Lord’ [a song on the ‘Blue’ EP]…it wasn’t that song in particular but I’m saying like there’ve been songs where I’ve been in the middle of [making love]…and sometimes it hits.” He said, answering the question of if he had ever gotten inspiration from sex.

The Lynx Entertainment signee also said that he gets his inspiration from dreams too, he explicitly stated: “Inspiration hits in the weirdest places and the weirdest times…I may be doing the number two, I may be bathing, I may be in the middle of something,”



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“One of the weirdest things is when you have a dream and in the dream, you hear a song and in the dream, you know this song is a hit song. When I’m hearing the song in the dream I want to wake up and record it quickly because I know I will forget…by the time you wake up the song is gone…I’ve had a song based on a dream…”

The charming artiste said this during a review of his ‘Blue’ EP on 3FM’s Urban Blend with Miriam Osei Agyemang on Thursday.

KiDi’s latest project, ‘Blue’, released on May 8, has received a lot of praise for the songs and quality of production. The five-track EP is made of songs like ‘Say Cheese’, ‘One Man’, ‘End In Tears’, ‘Freaky Lord’, and ‘Next Time I See You’.