What Funny Face Must Do to get Me Back - Funny Face’s Baby Mama

Ama Vanessa, the estranged baby mama to embattled comedian Funny Face, lays down conditions for return

What Funny Face Must Do to get Me Back - Funny Face’s Baby Mama
Funny Face with his family at the reunion

Ama Vanessa has declared that Funny Face must marry her officially if he wants her and their three children back.

According to the actress, she has suffered too much ridicule to still be referred to as just Funny Face's "Baby Mama", even after giving him three children.

"I need an upgrade from baby mama to a wife. I have three kids with Funny and I deserve some respect. If he wants me to come back to him, he has to come and do the right thing by marrying me...”

While speaking to Kofi Adomah in an exclusive interview on Angel FM Accra, she also asked people to give herself and Funny Face time to heal instead of insulting them.

"There is no perfect relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs and Funny and I have been through a lot so hearing some mean comments from people make me feel bad,”

She said this after her surprising visit to the comic actor at the Accra psychiatry hospital yesterday, a visit facilitated by actor Kwaku Manu.

Per her words, she came from Kumasi to see Funny Face at the Accra psychiatry hospital because she still loves him and believes that their children are a great connection.

Vanessa further explained that only a wife can do wife duties, therefore unless he marries her, there can be no further association between them.

It is only until they get married that she will get the respect that she finally deserves and this prevents her desire to go back to her family anytime they have an issue because she knows at that point that Funny Face is hers.