“We don't have a Music Industry in Ghana” – Rex Omar

Chairman says there’s no proper structure for music in Ghana.

“We don't have a Music Industry in Ghana” – Rex Omar
Rex Omar

Rex Omar, the 'Abiba' hitmaker, who also doubles as the Chairman for the Ghana Music Right Organisation [GHAMRO] has emphatically stated that Ghana has no music industry.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Kwesi Asare on The Big Show on 27 June 2020 on Class 91.3 FM, Rex Omar lamented in how Ghana does not have the proper structure that other countries label their "music industry.

He explained that musicians in Ghana just do what they want when they want it, without proper financial backing from proper authorities. 

“We don’t have an industry, we always use the word industry but we don’t have an industry, we are trying to create one.”



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“Every artiste just goes to the studio and record; we don’t have the requisite financial to actually structure an artiste development and all that. We don’t have such thing… we use the word…but, in reality, we really don’t have an industry,” he said. 

According to the Rex, the industry is not well structured and turns to be family and friends management with little or no knowledge about professional artiste management.

“That’s what is happening and everybody is trying to do what they can do because we don’t have an industry…we have people who call themselves artiste manager but very few of them know what artiste management is. Someone goes to the studio, he gets a hit song and calls his friend to manage him and what does his friend know about artiste management?” Rex Omar asked.