We can elevate our culture - Rocky Dawuni

Ghanaian veteran artiste, Rocky Dawuni, asks Ghanaians to take responsibility for the promotion of the country’s culture

We can elevate our culture - Rocky Dawuni
Rocky Dawuni

Rocky Dawuni has admonished Ghanaians to consciously elevate the Ghanaian culture.

According to reggae singer and songwriter, Ghanaians have become lackadaisical concerning the promotion of the culture.

"We’ve changed our way of life especially the way we eat so the current generation think we’ve advanced. But actually, we’re lacking when it comes to our tradition especially food and nutrition”.

He said this in an exclusive interview with Y107.9FM’s Kojo Manuel on YDiscodiares.

"We’re witnessing a world of transition so we should be proud of who we are and where we come from because education is taking that from us”.

"People say the farther you are from your roots, you are getting better”. But he disagrees to this because that mentality is not helping us."

"if we wear our made in Ghana costumes including the kente, smock and others we have, we will be able to create jobs for our own people and industries." He continued

“Whenever I go outside Ghana in a Ghanaian outfit, foreigners always ask where I got it from and who made it”. This he believes is an indication that Ghanaian designers are at par with the international designers.

The legendary artiste then stated clearly that nominations cannot be used as a means to judge the achievements of musicians.

"Nobody can prepare you for great news”.


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“When I was nominated for the Grammy’s, I felt Ghana had arrived. It was then that I could actually step out and say, this is actually big because in the history of Grammy’s I was the second African to have ever been nominated in that category”.he recalled.

He then finally touched on the death of the late former president, Jerry John Rawlings.

“When you read history, dictators stay dictators forever until they are compelled to leave but here is a man who came through the barrel of a gun and became our leader. He led us through a certain period of turmoil, we stabilized and then at some point, he introduced the democratic system into Ghana.

"Rawlings is actually the father and catalyst of the current Ghanaian political and democratic system and I think that we have to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar because, despite all his failings, a man becomes greater when he is very human. That shows his humanity.” He concluded.