Uganda restricts pilgrims from trekking overnight

For the celebration of Martyrs' Day next month at Namugongo Shrine, Ugandan authorities have banned nighttime movement for Christian pilgrims, citing safety concerns.

Uganda restricts pilgrims from trekking overnight

 Pilgrims have been walking to Namugongo from the farthest provinces of Uganda as well as the neighboring nations of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan.

Regional commanders have been ordered by police chief Okoth Ochola to make sure that the pilgrims are allowed to sleep at churches, schools, and community centers.

He declared that there had been no recorded criminal activity and gave officers orders to protect pilgrims.

On Monday, police spokesperson Fred Enanga warned the pilgrims to be cautious because they are frequently the targets of criminals, especially those who had never traveled to the site before.

He noted that ambulances were ready to respond to emergencies and provide medical evacuation on all main thoroughfares.

More than a million pilgrims are anticipated to go to Uganda on Martyrs' Day, a national holiday, to honor the 45 Catholic and Anglican martyrs who died between 1885 and 1887 at the hands of Kababa Mwanga II, the then-king of Buganda, for accepting Christianity.