Twene Jonas Finally Exposed

The social media activist who resides in the United States, Twene Jonas has finally said he lied about luxurious possessions and said he has nothing attached to his name.

Twene Jonas Finally Exposed
Twene Jonas

Ghanaian social media influencer, Twene Jonas has finally been busted, revealing that he has nothing to his name in the United States of America.

Twene Jonas for some time now has been bragging about making millions of dollars since he landed in America some few years ago.

He recently showed off two luxurious Lamborghinis which he claimed to have just purchased worth over millions of dollars.

Twene finally gave up and said he has nothing attached to his name but was just bragging for social media likes. Luck eluded him on Thursday, July 23, 2021, when he was accosted by one Ghanaian also living in the US identified as Chris Dollar who asked him of the whereabouts of the Lamborghini and porch cars.

At first, Twene Jonas lied that the cars were parked at a different location but upon further persuasion, he finally gave up and said has nothing in the US.

He said if he told people the truth, they would not be so keen to listen to him that he has been an employee of that institution for 20years.

Chris Dollar went on to point his place of work to Twene Jonas to quit bragging for his actions could put unnecessary pressure on the youth in Ghana.

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