The Return Of Aisha Huang, NIA Card Is Compromised

Following the return of the galamsey queen Aisha Huang, the NIA card which hitherto has earned some considerable premium has now been a mere card of no value.

The Return Of Aisha Huang, NIA Card Is Compromised

So after all, the NIA CARD IS no more a national identification card but an international identity card. This is how far we have come as Ghanaians and what the EC is asking us to use in the 2024 elections.

We are doomed forever, as a nation if all these developments are allowed to go on unchecked. I beg to ask to know how many Aisha Huangs we have in the country and who are holding Ghana cards. And if the NIA cannot find her name in their database then we are doomed as citizens with integrity.

To this end, the credibility of the NIA operations seemed very questionable and it cannot be referred to as a Ghana. All manner of intruders have found themselves in the NIA database and that is very shocking.

Aisha Huang has destroyed a lot more water bodies across the nooks and crannies of the country. The Akufo Addo government has been exposed to a magnitude where the repairs are irreparable beyond measure.

The government after wasting the precious public purse of the ordinary taxpayer is on a collision course to guard against a foreigner disintegrating the economic situation of people within mining areas.

If indeed President Nana Addo is committed to eliminating the activities of the Galamsey menace from the country before he lives office in 2024. Then he must do that with dignity and respect for the ordinary Ghanaian whose taxpayer money has been invested largely to undertake this national exercise.

The people of the country are baffled by the brazen disrespect being shown them by a government that prides itself on the rule of law and a Man as President who is self-styled as a democrat but also portrays trait which appears to be unghanaian to a large extent.

Ghanaians demand nothing but proper details regarding the activities of Aisha Huang in the latest episode of her involvement in illegal mining activities and her return to the country to continue the destructive forest business operations.

From reports gathered from a security point of view, Aisha Huang we are told has been hounded with only two counts of charges. Ghana is gradually nearing its early grave if Ghanaians allow this government to do the kind of daylight indiscipline and thievery that they have subjected people to.

The situation is not the best and most troubling but the only ones for the masses at this moment are the NDC and former President John Mahama come 2024. The $750 Million loan facility from the Afriexim Bank is to support the retardation in the economy but sadly there has not been traces as we speak.

Overall, the debt crisis is bedeviling the country and living standards have also risen to unassailable heights in the past 6 years. The case of Aisha Huang has reduced the country to international ridicule amidst widespread bad press.

The end will certainly justify the means. Communication officer hopeful for Dome Kwabenya NDC.