The players are under incredible stress - Lampard add his voice to five subs per game in the PL

Teams were allowed to make five substitutions during the restart.

The players are under incredible stress - Lampard add his voice to five subs per game in the PL
Chelsea players celebrate Werner's goal against Sheffield United

Frank Lampard has lent his voice at the Premier League’s decision to revert to three substitutes regardless of the coronavirus pandemic which has deprived clubs enough preseason.

Premier League injuries have increased dramatically in the current campaign as compared to the previous three seasons. Premier League injuries report that 78 incidents of Premier League players suffering muscle injuries so far this season, across all competitions.

UEFA allows clubs to make up to five substitutions per match in the Champions League and Europa League; a decision managers were expecting the PL to accept and put to us as Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have already expressed concern at the rate which players are picking injuries yet nothing concrete seems to come from the Premier League.


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Lampard has supported that player’s welfare should be considered and endorsed since the pressure on teams this season is overwhelming.

“I think it is something we have to address again with the clubs. The circumstances have not changed since we had five subs at the start of restart.

“The reason that maybe managers aren't making three subs is because if you have 10 players fearful of tiredness, there is a danger zone to make a third substitute in case of an injury.

“My main concern is player welfare, they are under incredible stress, especially those playing in Europe. I don't want anyone to cry their eyes out for players, we all know how lucky we are, but everywhere else has five subs so we have to revisit this in my opinion.”