Texas experience snowfall as millions are without power

Roads across the State on Monday were buried by snow as officials caution residents to stay off roads and stay home for safety purpose.

Texas experience snowfall as millions are without power
Road buried by snow

Texas has experienced snowfall for the first time after a frigid air, ice and snow spread through the central and southern states, leaving millions of people without power.

Millions of residents in the Eastern part of Fort Worth –Texas have been asked by officials to stay home and avoid highways that have been become treacherously glazed by ice, with supermarkets selling points closed. Cars and trucks were sent skidding into one another and off the pavement entirely, prompting law enforcement officers to respond to hundreds of calls.

Important notice has been given to residents to adhere to avoid a potential blackout by electrical companies.

“Currently all local electric companies have announced there will be "rolling power outages" to avoid a potential blackout. You may have intermittent power outages that will last from 10-60 minutes. In addition local agencies have asked everyone to "avoid road travel and stay off roads until conditions improve".

“Please refrain from using personal laundry washers, exterior water pipes may be frozen. Please disconnect hoses if able and place hose in drain pipe. It is EXTREMELY important to continuously check for water and broken pipes once we start to warm up and thaw.

"If you have frozen water lines, do not try to unthaw quickly. That is when most broken pipes take place. It is imperative that everyone continues to follow the steps of the FREEZE WARNING below.

  1. Leave heat "on" at temperature of at least 62 degrees to reduce risk of pipes freezing
  2. Drip all faucets to keep water flow.
  3. Open cabinets under kitchen and bathroom sinks to allow warm air to circulate around pipes and plumbing.
  4. Report any water or broken pipes to emergency maintenance.
  5. Take extra precaution walking outside and driving.

According to the Washing ton Post, roughly 150 million Americans were under some form of winter storm warning. Snow coated the sand on Gulf Coast beaches, and enough had fallen in El Paso for children to go sledding. It was colder in some parts of West Texas on Monday than it was in Anchorage, Alaska.