Take money from NDC, feature Sarkodie - Captain Planet to Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian artiste, Captain Planet, urges Kuami Eugene to retaliate over the ‘Happy Day’ saga

Take money from NDC, feature Sarkodie  - Captain Planet to Kuami Eugene
Kuami Eugene

Captain Planet has suggested that Kuami Eugene should take action instead of whining and moaning about being betrayed by Sarkodie.

The member of the 4×4 music group made this suggestion after Kuami Eugene cried out that he had been manipulated on the "Happy Day" track; a track in which Sarkodie featured him.

It was reported that Sarkodie was paid the sum of GHC 500,000 by the NPP to publicly endorse President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the track. 

According to Kuami Eugene, Sarkodie did not give him a dime for the track even though Sarkodie featured him.

He even further confessed that he had no idea the song was a political campaign song for the NPP. 

“All I knew was that [Sarkodie] sent his first verse so I listened and put together a chorus. That’s why I was singing, everybody gave glory because he said he wanted to do an inspirational song."

“I spoke to my manager this morning. After the video shoot, I came back to my management telling him I think there is some endorsement for Nana [Akufo-Addo] in the song because the second verse he talks about ‘Nana Toaso’ and the last bit of the song which I did not hear when I was on set because the song never got to the last bit of it."


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“I didn’t hear the Battle is the Lord’s in the song while I was on set but me being a normal Ghanaian that understands everything going on in the country, I know that when you say ‘Nana toaso’ not about the fact that it’s something that the NPP people are using right now. So I told my management that I think Sark did an endorsement for Nana on the song and they asked if I was for real. So the second part was an endorsement.” Kuami Eugene confessed.

Captain Planet has now offered a solution to the matter while speaking on Abeiku Santana’s show on Okay FM.

He stated that Sarkodie is well within his right to endorse any political party of his choosing.

“First of all, it’s a beautiful song,” he said. “Sarkodie has every right to endorse any political party as long as he is a law-abiding citizen. No one should humiliate or abuse anyone. He has the right to support any political party of his choice,” he told Abeiku Santana.

He concluded that Kuami Eugene should do the exact same thing to Sarkodie if he feels wronged.

"If Kuami Eugene feels cheated, he should also take money from the NDC and feature Sarkodie.”