Salvation: Syria Girl Taught to Laugh at the Sound of Bombs Escapes to Turkey.

Syria Girl Laughing at Bomb Escapes to Turkey.

Salvation: Syria Girl Taught to Laugh at the Sound of Bombs Escapes to Turkey.
Syrian girl, Salwa laughing.

A Syrian dad, who taught his three year old daughter to laugh at the sound of dropping bombs, has been helped to escape to Turkey. 

Just over a month  ago, a video went viral of Abdul ah All Mohammad teaching his daughter to laugh when sounds of bombs from the Syrian government and Russian forces shake their home in Idlib, a war ravaged City in Syria.. 

The video popularly tagged as “Syria girl laughing at bombs” helped the Syrian dad and daughter gain recognition worldwide. 

The Syrian Dad, Abdullah Al Mohammad was well aware of the trauma that children go through during wars, so instead of allowing his daughter to cry and be traumatised he taught her to laugh instead. 

He taught her to pretend that the sound of the bomb shelling was a game, that a “toy gun” was just shooting at their home.

Mohammad acknowledge that as he child he knew what it was like to be in strife, and that he was just doing that to help his girls child escape from all the psychological trauma saying,


Better that we die laughing than to die scared.


Mohammad developed a system where he would play a game with his three year old daughter, teaching her to laugh at the sound of shelling therefore helping her to completely escape the trauma of the sound.

Each time a bomb drops, they laugh, so she does not get scared. 

Imagine if we had the ability to laugh at our problems? To smile no matter the difficulties that we face. This is exactly what a Syrian father taught his child to do.



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Mohammad posted the video on social media to send out a cry of help to the world and to expose the terrible conditions that he and his daughter have been forced to live through 

The video was shared far and wide as it touched people around the globe, and thanks to the video his daughter does not have to fear bombs anymore

The video caught the attention of Turkish officials, who managed to extract the family from Idlib and provided them with safe passage to Turkey.

Even though fights are still on going in Turkey, it is nothing compared to with the strife in Idlib.

It has now been confirmed that the father and his daughter have both been invited to,, and have both moved to Turkey where they can be safer. 

Now, his daughter can laugh at normal things.