Student commits suicide over rape allegations

According to information, the 17-year-old student hanged himself over the accusations of rape.

Student commits suicide over rape allegations

A 17-year-old grade 11 pupil from Kriel High School in Mpumalanga is suspected of having hanged himself with his tie in a Classroom after a girl accused him of Raping her.

Bafana Sithole died shortly after writing an exam on Thursday.

After the sad incident, the girl later said that “I was just kidding”. Bafana wrote a suicide note addressed to his mother; “Mama I hope this letter finds you.

By the time you are reading this, I’ll already be gone.

Let me love you and leave you. “Singihambile mina maye. I have suffered in this world all alone. I was accused by those who are better than me. “May she forgive me for what I did to her. Kodwa zanke ngim’hlengue mina. I am not a rapist,” read part of the note.

Mpumalanga education spokesperson Gerald Sambo says a teacher found the pupil’s body hanging in one of the classrooms.

He recounted that "The learners were at the time of unfortunate incidence writing their exams and when they were done, some other learners had already left to go home and one of the educators went back into the classroom where the learner was found and already, he had hanged himself. “They called him the medical practitioners together with the local doctor who came in, they tried to resuscitate the child but unfortunately it was already too late, “says Sambo.