Stop calling me Ghana Chris Brown – Mr Drew begs

Former signee of Highly Spiritual Mr. Drew, whose true name is Andrew Nii Commey Otoo, has pleaded with Ghanaians to stop referring to him as Chris Brown of Ghana.

Stop calling me Ghana Chris Brown – Mr Drew begs

 The rapper claims that even though it's not a negative thing to do, he feels it's better if they call him by his name rather than Ghana's Chris Brown because many people have been comparing him to the American global icon.

Many people refer to me as Ghana's Chris Brown, but I'd like them stop, he said. All I really want to be is Mr. Drew.

Speaking in an interview with Kwadwo Manuel on YFM, he said that being referred to as Ghana's Chris Brown puts pressure on him and makes him do things he would never intend to do.

The 'This Year' hitmaker quickly clarified that he has no issue with Chris Brown, but all he can say is that the American superstar has accomplished a lot in his musical career and he has not yet attained that level.

He followed by saying that he is now working to achieve that level and that it would be unjust if, at this early point in his career, he is already being referred to as Chris Brown; hence, he prefers to go by Mr. Drew.

"Chris Brown has already made a significant impact on the globe, so I'm attempting to do the same for my career. Don't, however, refer to me as Ghana's Chris Brown. Mr. Drew said, "I want to be recognized as Mr. Drew.