"So Many Women are Chasing me for Dates and I’m Confused" - Bosom P. Yung

Rising star reveals he can’t settle down because his options are too many.

Ghanaian Singer, Bosom P Yung has revealed in an interview that he’s not currently into any relationship because the ladies are many and he's confused as to who to settle with. 

He stated that he has only dated once in his life time and that no woman can lay claim to him because he’s not had an affair with any lady since his days in the university.

He revealed this in an interview on the "Delay show", mentioning that he's currently a "semi virgin" because he cannot remember when last he engaged in any sexual actor any kind with any lady.

"I’m not dating currently because the ladies are many and I cannot choose from the lot. I’ve had an affair before but I cannot remember if I’ve slept with a lady before so that makes me a semi virgin.”



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