Shugatiti reports King Nasir to the CID

Socialite and nudist Shugatiti has reported American adult film actor King Nasir to the CID of the Ghana Police Service.

Shugatiti reports King Nasir to the CID

 Readers are fully aware of the alleged encounter that was intended to take place between the two after Shugatiti stated in an interview that she had never experienced orgasm.

King Nasir offered to make Shugatiti experience her climax after the interview went viral because none of the other men she had sex with had been able to.

This sparked a discussion amongst Shugatiti and King Nasir supporters online, with many of them anticipating their duel in an atopa match to determine the victor.

Shugatiti revealed that she had reported the American porn star to the CID in a recent interview she gave.

According to Shugatiti, she learned about King Nasir's Twitter tweet asking for donations so they could stream the highly anticipated match between the two on several streaming websites.

She thinks this was a poor behavior because, shockingly, individuals began depositing money into the account despite the fact that she was unaware of the plans to collect donations.

She went on to say that since she had never spoken to King Nasir, she was perplexed as to why her name was attached to the fundraising post and made the decision to contact the police.

"I filed a complaint with a CID official since he was raising nearly $10,000 without my knowledge. Because he was acting without my permission, I questioned if it was possible to impose an embargo on him.

He didn't ask for my permission before to the fundraising. He merely posted my name and requested donations from those who wanted the fight to take place. In addition, individuals were giving him cash. He profited financially from this, she said.