Show Us Which Of The Families You Come From In Gomoa Fetteh! -Elders Ask Kwesi Alhaji and His Aide, Eric Sesemu Kwesi Duodu

Weirdly guns holding hired miscreants working for Kwesi Alhaji have gotten to the high levels.

Show Us Which Of The Families You Come From In Gomoa Fetteh! -Elders Ask Kwesi Alhaji and His Aide, Eric Sesemu Kwesi Duodu
THE PRINCIPAL KINGMAKERS and accredited elders of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool in the Central Region have challenged Kwesi Alhaji who has been claiming to be the Mankrado of Gomoa Fetteh and his aide Eric Kwesi Duodu to come and show the rightful citizens of Gomoa Fetteh of which of the families they come from in the Gomoa.
Showing historical family documents to prove their claims, the Principal Secretary of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool, Nana Essel maintained that Kwesi Alhaji and his aide Eric Kwesi Duodu are natives of the Gomoa Fetteh, saying that the two who are lording over them were illegally brought to Gomoa Fetteh by the late self-style Chief, Abor Yamoah aka Mr. Edward K. Acquaye,
According to Nana Essel and citizens of Gomoa Fetteh, the constant severe attacks being meted out to them by the weirdly guns holding hired miscreants working for Kwesi Alhaji has gotten to the high levels for which it is a high time for them to call on government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to impress upon the Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs to set committee of enquiry to investigate the long ending chieftaincy and land disputes in Gomoa Fetteh enclaves which has resulted to the lost of hundred of lives and properties.
They were responding to the current publication made by Eric Kwesi Duodu to the effect that those who are making the allegations against them are not citizens of Gomoa Fetteh. Eric Kwesi Duodu has accused these elders of hiring journalists to write false stories to tarnish the image of the police officers in the area.
Addressing a press conference in Gomoa Fetteh, the Principal Secretary of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool, Nana Essel accused the Kwesi Alhaji and his aide Eric Kwesi Duodu who have hired thugs to attack rightful citizens of Gomoa Fetteh and those who legally bought lands from the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool.
He expressed worry that the constant attacks of the residents in Gomoa Fetteh being masterminded by these personalities have been creating insecurity, tension and confusion in the area, which situation needs an urgent attention of the government.
"In fact, this Kwesi Alhaji is breeding miscreants and villains in the entire communities such as Fetteh Kakraba, Opeikuma, Kasoa, Kojo Oku, Apra, Nkwantanan, Kobina Andoh, Anapansu, Buduburam, Tuansa, Nyanyano etc," he noted.
"If Kwesi Alhaji and his partner Eric Kwesi Duodu are claiming that they are rather the natives of Gomoa Fetteh and that we the real custodians are not natives so we don’t have the right to draw the attention of the authorities on their criminalities and that of their accomplices, then we are proving to him Kwesi Alhaji and his aide Eric Kwesi Duodu that they were brought to Gomoa Fetteh by the late self-style Chief Abor Yamoah aka Mr. Edward K. Acquaye," he dared them.
According to him, Mr. Edward K. Acquaye’s installation was challenged and destooled traditionally by the principal kingmakers and accredited elders of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool.
Besides, Nana Essel indicated that the late self-style Chief Abor Yamoah hails from Gomoa Dogo, and not Gomoa Fetteh. 
He pointed out that " the late self-style Chief Abor Yamoah being destooled then begun surrounding himself with land guards with sophisticated weapons led by Charles Kwesi Alhaji to help him (Abor Yamoah) impose himself on us (natives)."
He stated categorically that Kwesi Alhaji never hailed from Gomoa Fetteh, he sometimes says he comes from Mfuom and another time, he comes from Akotsia, Volta, North and so on. But as for us, all we know is that he was imported as a mercenary with his aide Eric Kwesi Duodo who is also not a native of Gomoa Fetteh.
This withstanding, he disclosed that Mr. Eric Kwesi Duodu also hails from Awutu Okusinkwanta, which is present Atwer.
He pointed out that the Atwer is a very small village which is close to Obrakyere on the Swedru road.
He alleged that they have been defrauding Ghanaians by selling our lands as though they are indigenes or royals, meanwhile, no one knows any of their relatives.
According to Nana Essel and the Mother mother of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Amoesima Nkrabea I, these imposters don’t issue genuine document to cover any land they sell to innocent people and organisations, warning that in the future these people who bought lands from these self seeking individuals would definitely lose their properties.
He indicated that in the early regime of President Nana Akufo Addo, he declared an extreme action in eradicating landguardism in the system, so this so-called late Nana Abor Yamoah surprisingly enstooled his Kwesi Alhaji as camouflage Omankrado against the will of we the elders, Kingmakers and even our traditional norms to immune him from being arrested as land-guard. 
He explained that they have been assaulting people in their farm lands to take their lands, and on account of that, most of the indigenes who are working on their building projects and farming activities cannot attend to their normal routines anymore with the fear of being attacked and harmed. 
He disclosed that almost the whole youth in those areas are emulating the hooliganism, drugs, robbery and alcoholic lifestyle of these thugs which is so uncalled-for. 
In 2015 August, he indicated that Ebusuapanyin Ahomka of Abor Twidan Royal family was gruesomely brutalized by this land guard during the Akwambo festival.
 Not only that, he mentioned that on the 5th September 2020, another Ebusuapanyin Kobina Ebo of Anona family was mercilessly assaulted and stripped naked on the street.  
Again on the 5th November 2020, Nana Essel emphasized that Opanyin Kobina Kaye, a principal Elder of Abor Twidan Royal family and others were as well assaulted at full glare eyes of the Millennium City Police officers, but the then station commander rather arrested the victims without investigating this land-guard and his gang because they work according to his instructions. 
According to Nana Essel, this heartbreaking matter was eventually reported to Police Professional Standard Bureau of Ghana Police Service but nothing was done about it till date. 
On the 15th of October 2021, he stated that  the Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba was attacked by these land-guard assassins and wounded multiple gun shorts in his house. 
A couple of weeks ago, these land-guards had severally attacked  this same Omankrado together his relatives in house and inflicted multiple wounds on their bodies.
"Lucky he was, the Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba took to his heels through a very slim chance, other than that, he would have been assassinated.
"We dare Kwesi Alhaji as he calls himself “Omankrado” to meet us (Elders and Kingmakers of Gomoa Fetteh and Fetteh Kakraba ) with his, matrilineal family members, documents covering Gomoa Fetteh lands, and the documents containing the entire history of Gomoa Fetteh before any medium, the traditional Council, Resolution body whatsoever to prove that he is indeed a native and a royal member of Gomoa Fetteh to ascend any throne, or else, he should advise himself accordingly," he stressed.
Nana Essel emphasized the need of the general public to disregard the current media report attributed to Kwesi Alhaji through his aide Eric that they have hired some journalists whose job is mainly to attack the credibility of the Police Commander, by creating fake stories as though the police are not doing their job.