Sefa Reveals Her Relationship Status

Sefa debunks the rumours that she is dating her boss D Black by clearing the air on her relationship status

Sefa Reveals Her Relationship Status
Sefa With Sarkodie

Sefa has disclosed that she does not currently have a boyfriend.

The fast-rising artist has been linked with many artists, with the likes of her boss D-Black and Bisa Kdei.

She has now put the several dating rumours to bed in a recent interview on Pulse Ghana by maintaining that she has nothing to do with her boss, D-Black the CEO of Black Avenue Music.

According to her, D-Black is not her type and she's not even D-Black's type, hence the two have nothing going on as assumed by many.

"I don't have a boyfriend."

"We are grown and matured and I always say, we can have something to do with each other but I always say he is not my spec and I am not his spec and that is what people don't understand."

She explained that the less attention she pays to her critics the better because a lot of people have a lot of things to say about things that they don't know anything about.

It is common for the media to speculate that media females are always dating their bosses.

"I don't pay attention to that because I know it's not happening and I can't keep telling people that it's not happening.

"I just think that it's sad because the fact that someone believes in me and my talent and wants to invest in me does not mean that the person is pipping me or smoking dripping me,"

This she said in an interview with Pulse Ghana, Sefa said her relationship with D-Black is strictly professional and that nothing sexual is involved.

Sefa recently graced the interview on The Delay Show was hit in the face with the allegation of going under the knife to enhance her body.

She also denied that she has not gone under the knife and her body is all-natural.

According to Sefa she was very obedient and does not like taking certain risks which includes going under the knife.

When asked about a Dominican doctor, Sefa denied knowledge of knowing anyone like that.